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William Painter: The Bottle Opener Inventor

An ice-cold beer has over the years found its place at the heart of many people. However, their ultimate focus is always on the beer and not on the bottle top or the tool used to remove or open the bottle. It deems fit to acknowledge or rather recognize the person who invented these bottle openers. This article will enable you discover fundamental info about William Painter, the bottle opener inventor.

William was born in 1839 in Triadelphia, Maryland. Later on when he was 20 years old, William relocated to Baltimore, Maryland where he established his invention work. There was a remarkable success in the invention career and life of William Painter. When he was 52 years old, William invented a bottle opener. Generally, William hoped and eyed at inventing something that is highly necessitated which will lead to a lot of sales hence more profits. Generally, he invented bottle caps first which has a crown cork style. There are close similarity to the current crown cork caps used today and the ones that William Painter invented. It was after two years that William invented the Church Keycap Lifter. These cap lifters were used to open the cap on the bottle. William earned patents following his inventions and these two also earned him patents as well.

As far as the beer industry was concerned, William was not done availing some inventions. It was in the year 1898 that William came up with an invention of a foot powered crowner device or machine. This device was to be sold to retailers and bottling companies who would use it for the ultimate purpose of sealing the crown cork styles bottle caps that he invented. The efficient and the speed that the machine brought to the bottling or sealing process motivated many bottlers and retailer to procure one. through using the device, time was saved and more bottles could be sealed and this mattered great a deal. This was a win for William Painter as he generated fortunes.

The inventions gained tremendous momentum and William eyed international platforms. William started identifying countries where he could enlarge his territories and in 1906 he was already making this a reality. Some of these countries are Japan, Brazil; and Germany. His primary purpose was to make the beer industry better.

William lived for 67 years as he died in 1906. During the time of his death, he was one rich gentleman as he did discover more of what bear lovers need. Crown Holding’s, Inc. is the company that William established and its operational and overly functional today and is headquartered at Philadelphia. The company does more than $6.5 billion total sales. Over the years, the company has enlarged its territories to over 40 countries. There are more than 25,000 people employed by the company.

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