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Breaking down Marketing

Marketing is one concept in business that is widely talked about by many stakeholders and reviewers online. There are many ways to go when it comes to implementation of marketing strategies for a business. A business owner who is looking for marketing information will have an information overload, there is so much information that knowing which one to pick and use becomes difficult. Experts will agree that many people will break down marketing in different ways but in real sense there are three main steps that will ensure you do it right for a successful campaign. The steps will be to capture, connect and convert the potential customers into actual customers. However before you can engage with customers and turn them into loyal customers you need to have the brand positioning right.

The manner in which you position yourself will determine the perception that people have of you. Some vehicle makers are known to produce very luxurious brands for affluent people, while there are other car brands that are more focused on producing cheap and affordable cars that everyone can afford. You get the same product from the two brands but they are very far apart in terms of positioning. Marketing will be largely dependent on how you position yourself in the market. This is the reason why people will spend money to have a brand name even if there are similar products in the market that are way cheaper. The way you position yourself makes it possible to attract a certain category of customers in the market.

Products that come with a high price tag will have budget customers seeking other options as they feel they are too expensive while the affluent groups will buy them as they tend to feel that higher price tags mean something is better. It’s therefore right to say that you need to identify the target population that you feel you will be serving and then position yourself to attract them. Capturing the attention of the potential customers being the first step is not easy , you need to be creative especially if you are doing it online.

Here you are creating awareness about the product. After you have captured the attention of the potential customer you need to engage with them in a conversation , this might be hard to do on flyers , show them the value that the product has. The moment you show a customer that a product is solving a problem that have been struggling with they will have no problem making a purchase. When the customer has seen the need to have the product make it tempting for them by offering limited time offers to push them a little.

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