A Guide to What Goes In A Wedding Invitation

The wedding invitation serves as the ‘first glimpse’ of your wedding for your wedding guests. But what goes in a wedding invitation? How do you correctly write it? Read on to learn the rules and etiquette of writing your wedding invitations.

These days, wedding invitations can come in different styles and formats, but it doesn’t matter if you are opting for a traditional wedding invitation or informal wedding invitations, as long as you can follow the rules of etiquette when writing wedding invitations and you know what goes inside a wedding invitation then you will be ok.

Wedding Invitation Text - Basic Information

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So what do you put in your wedding invites? Basic information is essential, include the details of your wedding – such as the date, the time of the ceremony and the reception, the church where the ceremony is to be held, as well as the reception venue. Directions and maps to the venues are also important, especially if you are expecting guests from out of town. Of course, the names of the bride and groom are also placed in the invitation, as well as the names of the parents – especially if they are the ones issuing the invitation.

Apart from the basic information about the wedding, a poem or a verse is often included in the invitation. In some wedding invitations, the names of the entourage or the wedding party is also listed in a separate sheet and included in the invitation in the envelope.

Wedding Invitation Wording Etiquette and What to Avoid

When writing your wedding invitations, you have to keep in mind that you have to address people with their full names. Nicknames are totally a no-no. Use proper given names. If the groom’s name is Jeremiah but he is popularly known as Jerry, you go with Jeremiah. Avoid using all caps too and abbreviations. For formal invitations, everything is written out except for titles such as Dr., Mr., Mrs. etc.

Also, there are certain things that should not go into your wedding invitation. Among these are your preference for cash gifts. Also if you do not wish to receive any gifts, do not indicate it in the invitation as well. Also avoid putting ‘No Children’ on your invitation. All these should just be spread through word of mouth and not through your printed invitation.

Indeed, there are important wedding invitation questions that you need to ask before starting your invites. Even these days when informal and personalized wedding invitations are becoming common, the rules of etiquette still apply.

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“Sometimes a simply worded invitation is the best way to go.”

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Wedding Invitations; Wordings and Examples

Often, weddings are hosted by the bride and groom as well as their parents, thus invitations have the bride and groom’s name as well as both their parents’ name. If this is your case, you can write your wedding invitation by writing yourself and your groom’s names first and add ‘together with our parents’ followed by the names of both your parents. For church weddings, invitation wording often includes ‘request the honor of your presence’, if not, ‘request the pleasure of your company’ is also popular.

A typical example of a wedding invitation wording:

Here are a few unique ones:

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No matter how stylish your invitation is, or whether you choose modern wedding invitation wording, always keep in mind the proper etiquette in addressing your invitees and always make sure to avoid anything rude in your wedding invites. This, of course, is important rather than impressing your invitees with flowery words.

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