Bachelorette Party Checklist: Bachelorette To Do List

planning a bachelorette party

Plan your bachelorette party (photo by Stag Shop)

If you are the maid of honor, you most probably have the task to plan and organize the bachelorette party along with the bridesmaids. So if you’ve been invited to be your best friend’s or your sister’s maid of honor, here’s our bachelorette party checklist to help you plan the party well.Remember to have a checklist for a bachelorette party when planning. This will avoid missing important party details.

- Check with the bride what she wants for a bachelorette party. If the party isn’t a surprise one, then you have to start by asking the bride what she prefers for a bachelorette party. You may be thinking about naughty bachelorette parties but if the bride wants clean fun, then you have to at least, go with what she wants.

Hen Party

Well planned bachelorette party goes smoothly (photo by Garry Knight)

- Decide on a theme. Of course, this depends on what the bride has in mind for the bachelorette party. If she loves to have a fun time at the beach, then you might want to think of a theme that fits a beach party, you could plan a bonfire-at-the-beach party. Always have this one on your checklist for bachelorette party to guide you in planning the little details. The theme is important!

- Set the time & date for the bachelorette party. Consult with the bride on when is the most convenient time & date for her.

Remember that the big day is still coming and the bride may want to take a rest the week before the big day. Usually, bachelorette parties are held a week or two before the big day, so why not schedule a weekend off for the girl’s party.

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“Having a well planned checklist for your bachelorette party will ensure a trouble-free event.”

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- Make your guest list. You also need the help of the bride in drafting your guest list. You have to include the ladies in the bridal party as well as the close friends of the bride. No need to invite the mother-in-law or the bride’s mother. The bridal shower is where they should be. Remember to invite only those who are invited to the wedding. This is one important rule of etiquette when it comes to pre-wedding parties.

hens party

Party drink (photo by sezzy_boy(Flickr))

- Decide on a venue. Depending on your theme and your bachelorette party activity, decide the best venue for your party. If you want to go to a bar, check out their schedules. If you are planning for a wine-tasting bachelorette party, then check out reservations for your planned date. If you need to take a plane to the destination, like going to Vegas for the bachelorette party, then check out plane tickets and schedules way ahead of time.

- Draft possible activities and bachelorette party games. This part should be a surprise to the bride for added thrill. Find out new and fun games and activities. You may want to buy some props or costumes, or you may want the attendees to be in costumes, so try to decide on this early so you can give time for the attendees to prepare. Include a list of games, props and mechanics in your checklist for planning a bachelorette party. This helps in making the games more fun.

- Plan out the schedule. If you are planning for a bachelorette party for an entire day or you have several activities in mind, set up a schedule so you get to do all of them for the party. If you plan a spa/makeover treat before going for a bar-hopping party, then make sure you’ve set the schedules and time for all the activities.

to do list

Bachelorette party planning (photo by Krissa Corbett Cavouras)


Make a budget for the event. Keep in mind that the cost is shouldered by you and the bridesmaids, so make sure you don’t go bankrupt after the party! Meet the bridesmaids if you want to discuss your financial resources.

- Send out invitations. Indicate the theme and dress code or costume if you want the guests to come in costume. Don’t forget to add the date, time and place.

- Arrange Food, drinks, goody bags, venue props and entertainment services.  For a formal or even informal event, h’orderves are a nice and easy food. We’ve got some great easy finger food ideas you can try,

- Confirm RSVPs and attendance. Confirm all bookings and prepare the venue. Buy all the party needs and accessories for the games and activities. For surprises, meet with the bridesmaids and think of something that can truly make the event memorable, fun and enjoyable for the ladies and most especially for the bride.

- Attend the bachelorette party and enjoy.

Although planning a bachelorette party is not something as big as a wedding, you still need to plan it early so that it turns out fun and enjoyable, most especially for the bride to be. Your bachelorette party to do checklist can be one that can help make a good start in your planning.

How about your party? Got any good bachelorette party checklist ideas or funny stories? Comment and let us know, we always love hearing from you.

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