Our Best Top 10 Bouquet Toss Songs for Weddings

bouquet toss

Catching the bouquet (photo by John Mayer)

The bouquet toss is definitely one of the fun highlights at any wedding, as single ladies gather around and try their luck catching the bouquet and be the next blushing bride in line. When planning a wedding, this part of the reception should not be overlooked and in fact, you have to find the best bouquet toss songs to make your event extra fun. We give you our best top 10 bouquet toss songs for weddings…

If you are looking for good songs for bouquet tossing, we present our top 10 wedding bouquet toss songs (in reverse order, of course)..

10. Man! I Feel Like A Woman! (Shania Twain) – It’s one of the popular bouquet toss songs that’s been used for many weddings. Whether you are a country song lover or not, this song just fires the spirits of the ladies wanting to grab hold of that bouquet.

bridal bouquet toss

A top bouquet toss (photo by John Mueller)

9. Sex and the City Theme Song – This is another popular song choice for the bridal bouquet toss, imagine yourself with Carrie and her friends as you watch the bouquet fly across the room.

8. This One’s for the Girls (Martina McBride) – At number eight, a favorite and one of the better songs to play during the bouquet toss.

7. It’s Raining Men (The Weathergirls). This song does not just add fun to the bouquet toss, but can also put the crowd on their feet and set them into a dancing mode, so why not have this played while the ladies are busy catching the bouquet?

6. What a girl wants (Christina Aguilera) – What a girl wants for the bouquet toss is to get it and there’s nothing more motivating than having this song played in the background while you’re trying to get that beautiful bunch of flowers.

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“A great song for playing at the bouquet toss is one that is guaranteed to get all your guests standing up wanting more!”

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Our Best Top 5 Bouquet Toss Songs for Weddings

Continuing with the countdown, we get to the final 5 of our top bouquet toss sensations…

Bouquet toss

Fun tossing the bouquet (photo by Chris Waits)

5. California Gurls (Katie Perry) – For a more modern song choice, you won’t go wrong with Katie Perry’s California gurls – your friends may just want to sing along too!

4. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper) – A classic and the song just fits the atmosphere during the bouquet toss. Indeed, girls just want to have fun – nothing too serious about it, just fun!

3. Glamorous (Fergie Feat. Ludacris) – A classy song choice and a great one for ladies in their gowns trying to get that bunch of flowers falling from the air.

2. Wishin’ and Hopin’ (Springfield, Dusty)- You’ve probably heard this in a movie but of course, it’s one of the best songs for bouquet tossing and for single ladies who are wishing and hoping to get hitched as well. It’s also an adorable song poking fun at the ladies trying to get the bouquet, so why not make this a fun song choice for your big day?

bridal bouquet toss

Bridal bouquet toss (photo by Faerydusted1(Flickr))

and at number 1….

1. Single Ladies (Beyonce)– Yes, why not? You are calling out the single ladies in the room and why not start it with Beyonce chanting out ‘All the single ladies’? And yes, this is one of the modern bridal bouquet toss songs that young people are also familiar with. It certainly deserves to be number one in our top bouquet tossing list, congratulations to Beyonce.

Indeed, your choice of song matters because it will eventually set the mood and make the bouquet catching more fun and enjoyable. Looking for bouquet toss songs for weddings does not have to be difficult though. Any fun song, for as long as it is not offensive for those who are unmarried, can be your background song for the catching of the bouquet. You can choose from the top bouquet toss songs used by many or find something that is uniquely yours.

Bouquet wedding songs can vary from your favorite songs that you play with your girl friends or something that has the lyrics fit for the occasion – whatever your preference, just make sure you play something that is fun and upbeat.

How about your wedding? Got a favorite song to play while tossing the bouquet? Comment and let us know, we love hearing from you.

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