Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Hair Ideas With Fringe

Styling your hair with a fringe or bangs does not have to be difficult, especially for brides. In fact, there are many brides who can look good with wedding hair with fringe. We got some ideas for your bridal hairstyle….

wedding hair with fringe

Wedding hair with fringe swept to the sides (photo by Corey Balazowich)

Many brides-to-be are having a hard time when it comes to styling their hair with a fringe – especially for those styles that will look elegant at weddings. There may not be too many brides that sport a fringe but there are bridal hairstyles with fringe that will certainly fit every bride.

Wedding Hair with Side Fringe

photo credit: Corey Balazowich

If you have grown out your fringe, you may want to go for wedding hairstyles that allow you to part your hair on the sides for a better view of your face. You certainly don’t want your face covered with your bangs on your wedding day, do you?

You can settle for an updo and have your fringe brushed to the sides. Especially if you have wavy hair, this will look great with your tiara and veil. You can also create soft waves for your fringe to make it look natural when parted on both sides. A straight fringe would also not look so bad. Girls with heart-shaped faces or those with round faces can look good with a fringe on their wedding day. Short, straight hair may be difficult to part on the sides, so opt for fringe hairstyles that suit your hair length and type.

Wedding Hair with Full Fringe

photo credit: archangel12(Flickr)



Even with a full fringe and veil, you can still look good on your wedding day, but if you don’t want your bangs crowding your face on your big day, you can have your hair pulled back, held with gel or pinned to create a small bouffant.

Also, if you are not comfortable with having your fringe pulled back, you can also pin it on the sides at the back of your ear. You can then wear the rest of your hair in an updo.



Sam at - Wedding Planner


“Whether you have long or short fringe hair, you can still find a great hairstyle that can make you look elegant.”

Choppy Bangs Will Add Flair to Your Hair

photo credit: Sippakorn

You can also have choppy bangs for your wedding which can add flair to your wedding hair. Wispy bangs or the kind that are slightly sprinkled over your forehead can also be a good style for your wedding hair. Even with bangs or fringes, you can still go ahead with an updo or a half-do, whatever is good for your face shape. Of course, if you want a fringe, there are a lot of fringe ideas on how to style your wedding hairstyles for bangs.

What about a French roll hairstyle for wedding style?

Indeed, you don’t have to worry about having a fringe or bangs, whether you have long or short fringe hair, you can still find a great hairstyle that can make you look equally elegant and formal for your wedding day.

Want more? Read about why loads of women are going for side pony hairstyles for weddings.

Do you have a fringe? What kind of style best fits you? Comment, tweet, Let us know….

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2 Responses to Bridal Hairstyles Wedding Hair Ideas With Fringe

  1. LittleMissSunshine says:

    What are good Flower Girl hairstyles for the wedding day? My daughter is one of the flower girls for my sister’s wedding. I wanted to do her hair myself but I’m stuck with ideas. Any ideas? Would love to know instructions on how to do it as well.

  2. Sam says:

    Hi LittleMissSunshine. Ponytails and braids are popular hairstyles for flower girls and little girls look good with them. Pull back hairstyles are also great for kids, especially those with long lair. Don’t forget to accent your style with a tiara, ribbons or flowers to make it more attractive. We will be featuring flower girl hairstyles on this site and how to do them, so keep in touch.

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