Bridal or Wedding Shower Etiquette Who to Invite

wedding shower etiquette who to invite

We were planning a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago and one basic thing that caused a dilemma was the people we needed to invite. We had to go back to our basic wedding shower etiquette – who to invite to a bridal shower.

Bridal Shower Etiquette Who To Invite

So, who would you invite to the bridal shower party? One most important piece of etiquette that you have to follow when hosting a bridal shower is to invite only people who will attend the wedding.

Bridal showers are events for the bride-to-be to receive pre-wedding gifts from the invited wedding guests. of course, it would be rude to invite someone to the bridal shower who isn’t invited to your wedding and expect a gift from them. As the host of the bridal shower, you have to make sure that this rule is followed. In fact, this is one of the golden rules of etiquette for bridal shower invites.


Among the invitees that you need to consider for the bridal shower are the bridesmaids and the women of the wedding entourage, close friends, ladies in your family, close co-workers and friends. Remember, if it is a bridal shower, it is exclusively for the ladies. If you are hosting a wedding shower for the couple, then you can invite both men and women. You can also indicate on your bridal shower and party invites if the party is a mix of ladies and men, so that your invitees know what to expect.

Wedding Shower Etiquette Who to Invite

  • Only Invite People Attending Wedding
  • Invite Wedding Entourage, Close Family and Friends
  • Bridal Shower is Ladies Only
  • Wedding Shower Can be Men & Women
  • Maid or Matron of Honor Usually Hosts The Shower
  • All Guests Bring a Gift

Bridal Shower Etiquette Who Pays?

So who pays for the bridal shower? The maid of honor usually hosts the bridal shower and the cost of holding the party is usually shared by her and the bridesmaids. But of course, the family of the bride can also help to shoulder the cost of the bridal shower. These days, the mother of the bride, in particular, may pay for the shower, with help from the bridesmaids and maid of honor in preparation and running the event.

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Sam at - Wedding Planner


“Remember the golden rule and only invite people who will be attending your wedding.”

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How About the Wedding Shower Gift Etiquette?

wedding shower gift

Wedding showers or bridal showers are gift-giving events before the wedding and thus, you are expected to bring gifts for the bride or for the couple, in case of a wedding shower.

If you have been invited to a bridal shower, you are expected to bring a gift for the bride and make sure it fits the theme – most bridal shower parties follows a certain theme and usually, gifts are also based around the theme.

Remember that when it comes to bridal shower gift etiquette, every invitee should bring a gift for the bride and in fact, you may even have to bring other smaller gifts for the wishing well. Yes, weddings can be expensive things!

Who Attends the Bridal Shower?

Of course, those who are invited are expected to show up to the bridal shower. Depending on what is agreed by the bridesmaids and the preference of the bride (if it is not a surprise shower), bridal showers may be just a simple gathering of close friends of the bride. If a larger party is planned, it may involve more people.

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Bridal showers are only for those invitees and remember that a person who is invited to bridal showers is expected to come with a gift as this is a gift-giving event for the bride-to-be.

Need help with your shower invite list?  Have you ever made any invitation mistakes? Comment, tweet, let us know….

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