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Bridal Shower Gifts vs Wedding Gifts: Knowing the Difference

Our Wedding Story Scrapbook Kit

Wondering what’s the difference between bridal shower gifts vs wedding gifts? If you’re part of the wedding party and attending the bridal shower … Read more…


10 Good Wedding Gifts From Maid of Honor to Bride on Wedding Day

maid of honor gift to bride

Are you the maid of honor trying to find the perfect gift for the bride? Yes, choosing a gift can be a little … Read more…


What Is An Appropriate Amount For A Wedding Gift?

"Money Flower" - creative way to offer cash gift in a wedding. Photo credit: {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}Tomáš  Obšívač{/link}

Gifts are an important part of weddings but what is an appropriate amount for a wedding gift? How about cash as a wedding … Read more…

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Affordable Ideas for Cheap Groomsmen Gifts Under 10 Dollars

groomsmen gift

Need affordable ideas for cheap groomsmen gifts under 10 dollars? Yes, you can find such inexpensive groomsmen gifts to give on your wedding … Read more…


Ideas for Wedding Gifts from Bridesmaid to Bride on Wedding Day

gift for the bride

Are you looking for wedding gifts from bridesmaid to bride on wedding day? Finding the perfect bridesmaid gift to bride can be a … Read more…


Do You Take A Gift To An Engagement Party?

unique creative wedding gift

We were excited one day at my previous office because one of our dearest friends announced her engagement with our fellow co-worker and … Read more…

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Creative Wedding Engagement Present Ideas and Gift Advice

engagement gift

Looking for wedding engagement gifts for your dear friend? You may be thinking of wedding engagement present ideas that can help you find … Read more…


Finding Good Wedding Gifts for Young Couples

Personalized Wedding Photo Mat (photo by {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}CodaCreekDesigns{/link})

I know searching for gifts is not easy – it’s because we are all looking for something unique, something others may not have … Read more…