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Homemade Wedding Invitations: Ideas to Save Your Wedding Budget

DIY Wedding Invitation

Weddings can be expensive, so you tend to think of ways on how to cut cost on your wedding expenses when the big … Read more…


Creative and Unique Save The Date Ideas For Weddings

Save the Date Custom Announcements

Looking for unique save the date ideas for weddings? How frustrating it would be to have someone close to you miss your wedding … Read more…


Invitations and Wedding RSVP Timeline and How To Reply To RSVP

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So you gotta send out invitations and you want a prompt reply. What about your wedding RSVP timeline and when should people RSVP … Read more…


How To Ask Someone To Be Your Maid Of Honor – Ideas and Advice

will you be my maid of honor

When it comes to weddings, how to ask someone to be your maid of honor is just one of the many tasks you … Read more…


A Guide to What Goes In A Wedding Invitation

purple invitation

The wedding invitation serves as the ‘first glimpse’ of your wedding for your wedding guests. But what goes in a wedding invitation? How … Read more…

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What To Write In A Thank You Card For Weddings and Bridal Party

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What to write in a thank you card for weddings is something to think about carefully. Of course, your thank you card message … Read more…


Unique and Creative Bridesmaid Invitation Ideas

will you be my bridesmaid

Inviting someone to be your bridesmaid is flattering on the part of the friend or family that you are inviting. Indeed, that means … Read more…


Bridal or Wedding Shower Etiquette Who to Invite

bride to be

We were planning a bridal shower a couple of weeks ago and one basic thing that caused a dilemma was the people we … Read more…