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Creative Honeymoon Ideas: Cheap and Inexpensive Plans

honeymoon 3

Looking for an affordable honeymoon? Weddings can be costly and with a tight budget, the honeymoon is often compromised. Nevertheless, you can find … Read more…


Can I Have a Male Bridesmaid for My Wedding?

can i have a male bridesmaid

One bride-to-be I met who needed help with her wedding planning hit me with a question that I get asked sometimes; “Can I … Read more…


Including Children in Wedding Ceremony: With Children or Without?

(photo by {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}Tim Riley{/link})

How about a wedding ceremony with children – or maybe without children? If you are thinking of having children in your wedding entourage then … Read more…


What Is An Honorary Bridesmaid? Definition Explained

what is an honorary bridesmaid?

Looking for an honorary bridesmaid definition and explanation? Weddings indeed can have many terms and many roles. Maid of honor, bridesmaid, flower girl, … Read more…


The Best Man Responsibilities Checklist and Wedding Duties Guide

groomsmen in line

What does the best man do at a wedding? What are the best man responsibilities and duties? How about best man traditions or … Read more…


Wedding Top Table Seating Plan Ideas and Table Layout Advice

wedding table seating plan

Who goes where? A wedding top table seating plan is something that you should not forget when planning your wedding reception. And what … Read more…


Hot Ideas for 2012 – Top 10 Wedding Trends 2012

Make to order hand sew princess crystal wedding shoes

So what’s in and what’s out in 2012 for weddings? Read on and find out some styles, dresses and themes that will help … Read more…

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How To Ask Someone To Be Your Maid Of Honor – Ideas and Advice

will you be my maid of honor

When it comes to weddings, how to ask someone to be your maid of honor is just one of the many tasks you … Read more…