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Our Best Top 10 Bouquet Toss Songs for Weddings

bouquet toss

The bouquet toss is definitely one of the fun highlights at any wedding, as single ladies gather around and try their luck catching … Read more…

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Funny Wedding Master Of Ceremonies Jokes for Reception Party

The bestman's speech - one of your main tasks in the wedding reception (photo by {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}Ben McLeod{/link})

Jokes from the wedding MC are among the things that can make a wedding reception fun and entertaining. If you are looking for … Read more…


What is The Garter Toss Tradition at a Wedding?

garter toss

The garter toss tradition is always present at weddings, when the groom removes the throw away garter from the bride’s leg, the groom … Read more…


How Many Bottles of Wine for a Wedding Reception?

The wedding wine

So how many bottles of wine for a wedding? When costing a wedding, alcohol is something that can send your budget sky-high but … Read more…


Simple Wedding Brunch Menu Ideas for Weddings in the Morning


Having a wedding in the morning? The ceremony might end too early for a lunch reception, thus you may be looking at having … Read more…


Best Wedding Party Entrance Songs at Reception – Our Top 25

dancing to their wedding entrance

Having the best wedding party entrance songs at reception is important to jump-start a fun wedding party. Unlike the wedding ceremony where you … Read more…


Wedding Top Table Seating Plan Ideas and Table Layout Advice

wedding table seating plan

Who goes where? A wedding top table seating plan is something that you should not forget when planning your wedding reception. And what … Read more…


Unique Wedding Ideas for Reception – Wedding Planning at its Best

(photo by {link url="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"}paper lanterns{/link})

Need unique wedding ideas for reception or reception parties? You might not have much freedom in planning for your wedding ceremony but you can do whatever you … Read more…