Choosing Silk Flowers for Wedding Cakes

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My friend has finally decided. She wants blue as her wedding theme – a couple of shades of blue, a darker one and some powder blue. Blue has been her favorite color since I have known her and she said she wants it there when she marries the right man in her life.

Okay, enough of the drama! As she had finally decided on the wedding color, I was drawn into the difficulty of finding blue flowers for her cake. She said she wanted the cake to be white accentuated with blue and blue flowers if possible.

I don’t want to disappoint her on her big day but the thing is, blue flowers are rare and hard to find!

Finding Silk Flowers for Wedding Cakes

Blue wedding flowers ItTopsTheCake shop

I have been scouring and searching the internet for blue flowers to put on the wedding cake and I only found hydrangeas.  As meticulous as I am, I did not settle for hydrangeas alone. I introduced her to silk flowers and we then had a lot of choices for her wedding cake. In fact, I told her that hydrangeas would not be in bloom by the time of her wedding, thus opting for blue silk flowers is the only solution we probably have.

Although you can pretty much choose any kind of flower if you opt for silk ones, there are those that would look good on your wedding cake. Here are some of them that I personally like.


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“Your guests will be impressed with your unique silk flowers and they most probably won’t be able to notice that they are not real.”

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Silk Hydrangeas for a Blue Theme

Hydrangeas are great choices if your wedding theme is blue. Of course, it would look natural and real if you also have blue silk hydrangeas on top of your wedding cake, but you can always go for a variety of color when it comes to artificial ones.

Silk Orchids to Adorn Your Wedding Cake

Orchids are also popular for weddings and can also be cake toppers. Orchids come in different colors and types, thus it would not be too strange to have blue orchids to adorn your wedding cake.

The Beauty of Silk Rose

Roses are very popular when it comes to weddings but of course, if you want something rare such as blue or black roses, or if you don’t want to spend too much on fresh wedding flowers, then you can absolutely go for silk roses that feel like the real thing.

You can also use silk petals for your wedding cake. In fact, they are good cake toppers and I personally like rose petals on wedding cakes. You can also buy bulk silk rose petals and use it anywhere or at any part of your wedding. They can make great wedding favors, too.

Silk Gardenia in Any Color You Want

Gardenia is also another popular flower for wedding cakes and they usually come in white or pale yellow. If you prefer white flowers, you can get them in white but you can always have Gardenia in different colors if you opt for silk ones. That is in fact, the beauty of silk flowers.

These are just only a few of the many beautiful flowers you can top on your cake or adorn your wedding tables. Keep in mind that choosing silk flowers for your wedding cake does not limit you. In fact, this is one advantage of using silk flowers that I mostly like – I can get what I want in terms of the kind of flower and I also get my preferred color. You can then make it more appealing by consulting someone who is good at silk flower arrangements to make it look more amazing for your big day.

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Your guests will be impressed with your unique silk flowers and they most probably won’t be able to notice that they are not real. How about your wedding cake flowers? Let us know what you plan to do…

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