Creative Bridal Shower Gifts: Ideas for The Bride’s Present

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Bridal Shower ideas Unique and Creative (photo by Scorpions and Centaurs (Flickr))

Looking for creative bridal shower gifts; ideas for the bride’s bridal shower present? A typical bridal shower is a gathering or party full of guests who are celebrating the upcoming nuptials with the future bride. Your gift can be homemade or bought from a store and can vary in price – whether you make the gift or buy it from the store,  you should think carefully about your gift. Don’t worry! when it comes to great bridal shower gifts for the bride – we’ve got ideas and advice.

Extra-special occasions need extra-special gifts. This tends to confuse people when deciding which gifts to take to a bridal shower, despite the fact that there are literally endless options to choose from. Take a look at the following ideas for bridal shower gifts for brides…

Special Customized Gifts for a Bridal Shower

If you are looking for special bridal shower present ideas then you can buy the bride a customized hooded jacket that says bride on it or custom-made flip flops that will always remind her of her special day. Everyone will get a kick out of your great ideas.

A Practical Bridal Shower Gift

Household appliances are always a great idea for a bridal shower gift. You needn’t be creative with these; their mere utility makes them special. Take a look on the bride’s wedding list and find something suitable.

Having a bridal shower – Why not have a wishing well filled with unique gifts? We got some great bridal shower wishing well ideas you should check out.

Sam at - Wedding Planner


“Consider the bride-to-be and make your gift meaningful when thinking about gift ideas for a bridal shower.”

Check out our printable free bridal shower games and activities – guaranteed fun.

How About Bridal Shower Homemade Gifts?

Homemade gifts can be great bridal shower gift ideas for brides who like the personal touch – weddings are extra-special occasions, a transition from being single to becoming one half of a whole. Bridal showers are an important step in this transition. Occasions where the friends and family of the bride come together to shower her with love, gifts and gossip! Why not gift something homemade? something extra special you have created to show the love for your special friend. You might be able to save a little money in the process with your homemade bridal shower gift ideas.

Recipe Books Make Great Homemade Bridal Shower Gifts

Creating a homemade recipe book can be a lot of fun to make and can really come in handy. Instead of purchasing a regular cookbook from the store, you can make your very own with some of your favorite family recipes. You can type up each recipe on the computer and then print each recipe out on card stock. After you have printed out all the delicious recipes, you can punch holes on the sides of the card stock and then bind the recipes together with colored ribbon. You can customize the recipe book with glitter, feathers, buttons, stickers, and other types of accessories.

Homemade Picture Frame

A homemade picture frame would also be a great homemade bridal shower gift. You can make your own picture frame out of an unused cardboard box. You can also buy a plain picture frame and then use some glue to paste on some extra embellishments to truly customize the frame. A trip to your local arts and crafts store would be beneficial when creating a homemade bridal shower gift.

Homemade Jewelry for a Personal Gift

What about bridal gifts for brides who want something personal? If you want to gift something to wear then you could turn your hand into making some unique Jewelry. It will be a good chance to create something personal and it won’t cost you so much. A T-shirt necklace or button bracelet are just a couple of simple things you could try with materials you have around the house.

Make Your Bridal Shower Gift Meaningful

Finally, when choosing a bridal shower gift it’s important to make it meaningful. If you are going to gift something just for the sake of it and without giving it much thought, then you’d basically be wasting your money. Remember gifts for bridal showers are an expression of the special bond you share with the bride and they must therefore be chosen with much care. If you are looking for more gift-giving ideas then check out our great bachelorette gift ideas for the bride.

What are the best bridal shower gifts? Have you ever gifted something and regretted it later? Let us know…

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