Do You Take A Gift To An Engagement Party?

unique creative wedding giftWe were excited one day at my previous office because one of our dearest friends announced her engagement with our fellow co-worker and we were just so pleasantly surprised that they ended up engaged in just a matter of months after they were dating. After all the engagement party fuss, one officemate quietly came up to me and asked, do you take a gift to an engagement party? 

An engagement party is held because a couple is to announce their engagement. So are you supposed to bring a gift to an engagement party? NO. In fact, many engagement parties are surprise ones, so you would not have time to buy a gift anyway.

Should You Bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

If the engagement party is something announced beforehand, should you bring a gift to an engagement party like this? If you ask several people, you may get a ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ depending on some factors. Bringing a gift to an engagement party is not a no-no but it may not also be required. Depending on how you feel about the couple’s engagement, or how close you are with the couple, then you can probably give them engagement gifts.

Should I Take a Gift Along?

The engaged couple would not normally expect you to bring a gift during the engagement party and if there are people who give gifts during the engagement party, they may be those who are very close to the couple. Of course, nobody would stop you from bringing a gift to a wedding engagement party but it can be a little awkward especially if you are not that close to the couple.

Giving a gift to an engaged couple from a person who is not family or very close friend of either of them can come as a surprise to the engaged couple, and although gifts are not rejected, and they can be appreciated, don’t bother yourself with finding an engagement gift. Save that for the wedding day.

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“If you have something useful for the couple then it might be an idea to give them a gift.”

Looking for gifts? We’ve got good ideas when it comes to wedding gifts for young couples.

Sometimes Depends on The Gift

Sometimes, the question, “Do you take a gift to an engagement party?” depends on your gift. If you have something that is very useful for the newly engaged couple, like a discount card to a floral shop of their choice, or if you have access to a number of bridal magazines that you think would be helpful for the bride-to-be in planning their wedding, then why not? Gifts like that cannot wait until the wedding day.

We have some wedding engagement present ideas if you are looking for a good engagement gift.

Indeed, there are engagement party etiquette rules that you have to keep in mind, thus if you are asked the question, “Do you take a gift to an engagement party?” You now have the answer to such question.

What do you think? Is it right to take a gift along? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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