How Long Should a Wedding Toast Be?

How Long Should a Wedding Toast Be?So how long should a wedding toast be? For many friends and family of the happy couple, toasting the bride and groom is a happy event, but if you have been called to give a wedding toast to the bride and groom, it could be something to worry about. How long should a wedding speech last? We’ve got some advice…

We got this email the other day from Dave in Canada.


How long should a wedding speech be?

Hi guys, I’ve been picked as best man and gotta do a speech and toast for my brother. I’m really nervous and never done this kinda thing before. How long should the toast go for and what should I say in a wedding toast to my brother and his bride? Help and advice wanted.


How long should a wedding toast last? Well, Dave, that is a good question. You definitely don’t want all the wedding guests snoring asleep after you’ve ended your wedding toast. Keep in mind that the champagne may be half empty so be considerate when it comes to the length of your toast.

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How Long Should a Best Man Speech Be?

So how long are wedding speeches if you are the best man? Although best man wedding toasts may usually go through the details of how you and the groom met and how he told you about the bride and how you think they are a perfect match, your wedding toast should not go beyond 5 minutes. In fact, when thinking about how to give a great wedding toast, the time should be just around 2-3 minutes. Some funny story tellers may go beyond 5 minutes and may even have a 10-minute speech that can send the whole wedding reception into a fit of laughter – but remember, this is not your day and you don’t want to steal the limelight from the bride and groom.

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“Consider the best way of toasting the happy couple when thinking about how long wedding speeches should be. Short and simple is good.”

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How Does One Make the Perfect Wedding Toast?

how does one make a perfect wedding toast?

how does one make a perfect wedding toast? (photo by Martin Cathrae)

My advice on how to give a wedding toast would be to only pick the experiences worth talking about in your toast, don’t talk about yourself either. Of course, you have to introduce yourself at the beginning of your toast to let the wedding guests know who you are. Talk about how you and the groom became best friends. Tell a funny story about your friendship. Then go on to how he met the bride and how you saw how ecstatic he is. Be careful of funny stories and don’t embarrass the bride, her family or anyone at the reception.

Although funny one liners and wedding jokes are good things that can make your speech extra interesting, you have to be very careful not to pull off something inappropriate. You can also give some fun advice to the bride on how to deal with your best friend. End your speech with a positive message. Raise your glass and invite everyone to make a toast to the bride and groom. When making a toast you need wine – but how many bottles of wine for a wedding reception?

All these things don’t have to run as long as 10 minutes as this can become very tedious for everyone else in the party but don’t do it too quickly either, or nobody will even notice your toast.

So that’s it, good luck on your wedding speech and make sure to bring notes with you to help you talk smoothly. If you can, practice your speech a bit before the big day.

If you have a wedding question and you want some ideas and advice, then contact us and we’ll try and help.

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