How to do Wispy Hair for Weddings

Wispy hair is cute and a great choice if you are attending a wedding as a guest, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding. If you want short wispy and flyaway hair, you can achieve the look with these easy steps. Here’s how to do wispy hair for weddings..

wispy flyaway hair with highlights

What you need:

  • Moisturizer
  • A radial brush
  • A Hair dryer
  • Styling Wax
  • Hair Spray

How to Make Your Hair Wispy:

1. Apply moisturizer to your hair before styling.

2. Blow dry your hair. Make sure the roots are dry before styling so you will achieve maximum volume.

3. With a radial brush, comb the ends of your hair, curling at the tip while followed by using your hair dryer positioned at the top of the hair. If you want bigger flyaway curl for your hairstyle, start curling from mid-length. If you want only a few, turn your radial brush only when you reach the ends of each hair section that you are styling.

4. After you get your desired flyaway style, pinch and piece a few sections of hair at the end with a small amount of wax.

5. Finish off with just enough amount of hairspray.

Having wispy, flyaway hair is an excellent modern look and a great style for weddings, especially if you are at a beach wedding or at an outdoor wedding where you won’t actually worry about your hair flying away in different directions.

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