Ideas For Spring Wedding Flowers in Season

Looking for good ideas for spring wedding flowers? One of the best seasons to get married in is Spring, the weather starts to get warmer and many flowers start to bloom – that’s an excellent chance to use them for your wedding. We give you some ideas for the best flowers for a spring wedding…

One tip if getting married in spring is to choose the later part of the season, to avoid unpredictable rain and sudden winds, this is especially the case if you are choosing to get married outdoors or you plan to have the party outdoors.

Here are some suggestions that might help you finalize your wedding floral needs.

Spring Wedding Flowers By Color

bouquet of pink spring flowers

elegant lavender bouquet

elegant lavender bouquet (photo by: Teleflora)

Wedding themes are most of the time associated with colors and one way to find the best spring wedding flowers is to start with your wedding color. Choosing white bridal bouquets and white floral centerpieces for instance, is easy for a spring wedding as calla lilies, anemone and baby’s breath are plentiful in spring and are popular spring wedding flowers.

For white flowers, you can choose anemones, daisies, hyacinth, narcissus. For shades of pink, lilac and purple, you can opt for cherry blossoms, lilacs, peonies, hyacinth, sweet peas and delphinium.  For a bolder yellow-orange color, you can choose ranunculus which is also a popular spring flower. Lilly of the valley is a popular flower for bridal bouquets so don’t miss that one either.

 Group Spring Wedding Flowers By Type

Spring Hyacinth Bouquet

Hyacinth Bouquet (different colors) (photo by Naomi King)

Tulip Bouquet of Different Colors

Colorful Tulip Bouquet (photo by Michael Davie)


When it comes to spring wedding flowers; ideas that take advantage of the abundance of flowers in season are the best. In the springtime, hyacinths are in season and you may want to take advantage of its various beautiful colors, such as pink, blue, purple, orange and white. For spring wedding flowers; blue in an excellent choice – delphiniums  are available in shades of medium blue, pale blue, purple and white, so if you are having a blue wedding in spring, you don’t have to worry about finding blue flowers. Daffodils on the other hand come in white, yellow and orange colors. Flowers like these can be great for your reception table decorations.

Spring wedding? Check out these simple spring wedding ideas.

Sam at - Wedding Planner


“You have many choices when it comes to spring flowers for weddings. Find out what’s available locally and make your selection.”

What is the average cost of bridal bouquets? Find out the answer.

Spring Wedding Flowers Bridal Bouquet

Spring Bouquet

Wedding flowers in spring (photo by Dave Shafer)

spring wedding flowers

Wedding flowers ideas spring (photo by Teleflora)


Choosing Spring Flowers for Wedding Bouquets

I recommend that if you have a particular type of flower in mind for your spring wedding, to choose your flowers wisely. Don’t just think of imported flowers if you have beautiful local flowers in season. Although bridal bouquets are the most important flowers in a wedding, they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Choosing spring flowers in bloom is a practical way to have beautiful spring wedding flower bouquets, as you can have as many flower combinations you want and they are a lot cheaper due to the availability and abundance.

I always think that the bridal bouquet presentation is what matters most in any bridal bouquet – whether you have imported or locally grown flowers. So if you are having a wedding in spring, go ahead and choose from spring wedding flowers in season.

Bridal bouquet pink tulips, hyacinths & ranunculas

Double Parrot Tulips, Ranunculas, Hyacinths and Wax flower blossom(photo by Flower Design Events)

anemone bouquet

anemone bouquet (photo by MissAudreyflorist)


So what are the flowers in season for spring weddings? Among the top flower choices you can make for your bridal bouquet are anemones, hyacinth, lily of the valley, lilacs, daisies, delphinium, peony, cherry blossoms, larkspur, dendrobium orchids, daffodil, pansies, sweet peas, bells of Ireland, casa blanca lily and iris. With a masterful hand in bridal bouquet arrangement, it does not matter what flowers you use, you can still have that bouquet that you’ve always wanted for your big day.

Getting married in spring? What flowers will you choose? Comment and let us know…

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