Ideas for Wedding Gifts from Bridesmaid to Bride on Wedding Day

wedding gifts from bridesmaid to bride on wedding day

Gift for the bride (photo by Amie Fedora)

Are you looking for wedding gifts from bridesmaid to bride on wedding day? Finding the perfect bridesmaid gift to bride can be a challenging task but of course, being imaginative and creative can help you with your gift ideas.

To give you some ideas for unique gifts from bridesmaids to the bride, here’s our top 50 gift ideas that bridesmaids can give to the bride. Whether you are looking for gifts for the shower or you are looking for gifts for the wedding, here are some essential suggestions and ideas for you.

Top 50 Bridal Gifts from Bridesmaids…

  1. Gift certificate to a luxurious spa

  2. Personalized wedding champagne flutes
  3. Customized flip-flops for the bride
  4. Wedding invitation photo frame
  5. Luxurious cashmere throws
  6. Beauty kit for brides
  7. Recipe book of aphrodisiac recipes
  8. Tea set
  9. Linen napkins with napkin rings
  10. Monogrammed soap sets
  11. 2-piece bathing suit
  12. Platters
  13. A DVD set of her favorite TV series
  14. Underwater camera
  15. Monogrammed bath towels
  16. Books by her favorite author
  17. Designer makeup bag
  18. Monogrammed pillow cases
  19. Uniquely designed candle holders
  20. Romantic art décor
  21. Victoria’s secret lingerie
  22. Adult game boards
  23. Honeymoon guidebooks
  24. Photomosaic pictures
  25. Unconventional liquor dispensers
  26. Designer wine openers
  27. Watercolor portraits of the bride and groom
  28. Mini herb garden for the home
  29. Dinner cruises for two
  30. Modern Cutlery sets
  31. Personalized newlywed aprons
  32. Signature Wedding frames
  33. Modern kitchen gadgets
  34. Unique and unusual wine racks and wine holders
  35. Olive oil gift sets
  36. Tent for two
  37. Gardening set
  38. Large party punch bowls
  39. Breadmaker
  40. Modern home décor
  41. Scented candle, perfume and incense set
  42. Modern Espresso machines
  43. Beach bag and beach towels
  44. Coffee-table book
  45. Crystal vase
  46. Cookbook set
  47. Exotic cooking sets
  48. Indoor grills
  49. Romantic candelabras
  50. Designer wine stoppers

Sam at - Wedding Planner


“Wedding gifts from a bridesmaid to bride have to be special – As a bridesmaid, spend some time thinking about your gift.”

Maid of Honor? We’ve got ideas for good wedding gifts from maid of honor to bride you should check out.

These are just 50 cool wedding day gifts for bride from bridesmaids that will most likely put a smile on her face. Gifts for a bride from bridesmaids need not be expensive. You actually have a lot of choice according to your budget and you can also go for something unique.

There are a variety of gift items you can choose from if you are looking for wedding gifts for brides from bridesmaids, as women may have lots more interests than men. From home decors to kitchen tools, from travel journals to lingerie – you can actually think of a good gift from bridesmaid to bride. You can also check out their registry but of course, if you are a bridesmaid trying to find a gift especially intended for the bride, you can also be creative about it and you can find some personalized gifts as well as gifts that are useful for the bride to start her role as a wife.

Know any good gifts that bridesmaids can give to the bride? Got any unique ideas? Comment, tweet, let us know..

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