Matron or Maid Of Honor To Do List – A Planning Guide and Checklist

maid of honor to do listThe maid or matron of honor has one of the biggest roles at a wedding and if you have been asked by your friend or sister, you need to prepare yourself with a maid of honor to do list. Here is a sample maid of honor checklist that is guaranteed to make your planning run smooth and efficiently…

the bride's attendants

(photo by Lauren Steffen)

Remember that after you say ‘yes’ to the bride-to-be when she asks you to become her maid of honor, planning can follow and your tasks will start right there. Of course, one important thing is letting the bride know that you are there for her as she plans for her big day. That simple assurance alone can be a big help for the bride and a good way to start working together.

This maid of honor duties checklist also applies to the matron of honor. Maid/Matron – don’t know the difference? Our matron of honor vs maid of honor guide answers everything and explains the duties and responsibilities.

  • Know the rest of the gang. You may be the only maid of honor but there is the groom and the bridesmaids to get to know and meet with. Soon you will all be planning for the bridal shower and you definitely want to involve them as well.
  • Arrange and coordinate with the bridesmaids and make sure they get their bridesmaid dresses or their measurements taken.
  • Help the bride with whatever she needs. It might be choosing and fitting her bridal gown or help with bridesmaid dresses. These are important tasks that you have to assist her with.
  • Help the bride with her wedding invites. She might ask you for help deciding who to invite, or what to put in the invitation. Need help? We got some advice when it comes to who to invite to your wedding.

10 Point Maid of Honor Guide

  1. Organize the Wedding Entourage
  2. Assist Bride with Wedding Planning
  3. Help with Wedding Invites
  4. Help Bride find Venue
  5. Get your Dress Fitted
  6. Make Hair Appointment
  7. Help with Wedding Registry
  8. Plan Shower or Pre-Wedding Party
  9. Prepare Speech
  10. Assist Bride on Big Day

the bride and her maid of honor

The bride and her maid of honor (photo by Zoe Brown)

  • Assist bride in choosing the wedding location. How many guests do you have? Do you need a large or small wedding venue?, what about the menu? These things all need to be planned and arranged.
  • Get your own dress and have it fitted. You definitely d
    on’t want to forget your own outfit while helping the bride with hers.
    • Make an appointment for your hair
. You’ll be one of the main people at the wedding, having good hair is important. Got long hair? We can help you with great maid of honor hairstyles for long hair.

maid of honor

Assisting the bride (photo by Lauren Steffen)

  • Help bride with the registry. If the bride needs someone to help her with the registry, you go ahead and assist her. Grooms often do not want to bother themselves with things like that. Make an effort to let the people know where the couple is registered as well. Don’t forget to buy the bride a gift – When it comes to gifts from maid of honor to bride we got some creative ideas.

Sam at - Wedding Planner


“When thinking about how to be the best maid of honor, The most important thing is to be supportive to the bride at all times.”

  • Plan the bridal shower. This is one of your main tasks as well and this involves many other things to take care of. Invitations, guest lists, theme, location, bridal shower food, bridal shower games and activities, wishing well preparations, decors and favors as well as the budget – these are among the things that you have to put in place for the bridal shower. Don’t worry – Read our bridal shower to do list for a complete checklist.

  • Host the bachelorette party. Although some only choose a bridal shower over the bachelorette party, you can however host both for the bride and both are tasks that every MOH should always be taking care of. Can’t decide bridal shower vs bachelorette party? Get our advice..
  • Plan and write a creative maid of honor speech. Most likely you will have to deliver one during the reception and it matters a lot to be able to give a good speech for your friend on her big day. If you are more comfortable singing than speaking, then go write a customized song for the bride. You can always borrow melodies from any familiar songs.
  • Assist the bride at all times during the wedding day. Take care of the brides’ bouquet, make sure that the wedding rings are secured and make sure the bride walks down the aisle with the train well-arranged. Most importantly, Help make the bride feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Help with the reception – especially in letting the guests know their seats and where to put their gifts and everything else. We got unique wedding table number ideas you should check out.

These are just the main tasks of the maid of honor and there are still little things that you may be in charge of. With that, it is important for every maid of honor to have their own maid of honor to do list as well as a maid of honor guide for what to do before, during and after the wedding.


Have you been asked to be a maid of honor? Got any funny stories? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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