Why Navy Hats for Weddings are Cool and Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

Okay, she said she wants blue! She wants blue for her wedding theme because she’s in love with the color. She was closely watching Victoria Beckham during the royal wedding and instantly fell in love with that navy blue hat! Navy hats for weddings can indeed make a good fashion statement and be elegant as well. Stick around and check out our ideas and color combos that might fit your wedding…

So my friend decided to pick navy blue for her wedding color. It’s a bit dark for a wedding but I say, there are ways to help spruce up the color to match the wedding theme. Of course, it doesn’t always mean having to stick with just navy blue. There are other options, too.

From Navy Hats to Navy Blue Themed Weddings

Blue wedding (photo by Jessica Watson)

Of course, you might not just choose hats alone. You can also turn your wedding into a navy blue themed wedding. It’s not so common, but you can add some extra spice to it - like adding other lighter shades of blue and even green. Navy blue, teal,  and sky blue can all go well together with white, so you can have a mix of different shades of blue for your wedding theme.

Don’t just stick to one shade of blue – use a variety and you can play with many different colors for your wedding. Navy blue alone can be a little gloomy for a wedding theme, so how about going for lighter blue with a hint of white for a great combination?


Sam at weddingwhoop.com - Wedding Planner


“You can always play with lighter shades of blue together with navy to brighten-up the color.”

Navy dresses for Girls and Wedding Guests

You’ll be thinking about how your bridesmaids will look in navy - some people might think they look dark but my friend was never bothered. She was thinking right away about the color of her bridesmaids’ bouquet to complement the navy dresses and hats they’ll be wearing. You may also be wondering if there are such things as navy blue tuxedos for weddings to pair with the dresses, of course, you can still settle on white and navy ties instead, or how about a black tux as well?

Having a Nautical Wedding?

Blue themed wedding (photo by Jo Nicholson)

Often, navy as a theme for weddings is usually chosen by those inspired by the navy or if you are having a nautical wedding. You can always accentuate your dresses with silver as it can be glamorous to have such dark navy blue gowns with something that sparkles. Navy and white weddings are good combinations. As I mentioned earlier, you can always play with lighter shades of blue together with navy to brighten-up the color. By the way, if you are having a wedding at sea, or a wedding inspired by the navy, then The Village People’s “In The Navy” is a great song to start the wedding party.

Navy Blue Flowers to Match Your Navy Hats


(photo by Jessica Watson)

One difficulty that may arise though is finding navy blue flowers for your wedding. They may be a little difficult to locate – I can only think of Hydrangeas when it comes to blue flowers and if they are not in season then you are out of luck. Don’t worry – there are some options though…

I think there are 2 options you can take; Option one, spray your white flowers blue – not so practical. Option two, go for silk wedding flowers. Yes! that’s what most wedding planners do when it comes to blue-themed weddings. Personally, I would go for the second option. The flowers will last longer and they can look and feel just like the real thing as well. By the way, if you are interested and want to check out some blue silk flowers online then take a look at these beautiful bouquets at www.fleurspermail.com, the company is based in Thailand and they even ship worldwide.

Indeed, navy can be a really great color for your wedding. Navy hats like that one Victoria Beckham was sporting can be your inspiration and you can even design your wedding fashion based around something striking like that.

What do you think? Have you ever thought of flaunting a navy blue hat like Posh-Spice? Do you know any good wedding hats for young people? Share your views – tweet, Leave your comments!

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