Planning a Bridal Shower for Pregnant Brides

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Fun for the pregnant bridal shower (photo by belisacupcakes)

Pregnant brides are common these days and of course, if you are a bridesmaid, you can throw your pregnant friend a bridal shower party. A bridal shower for pregnant brides can range from a simple gathering of girls close to the bride, to a mix of bridal and baby shower. Of course, this can be a little complicated. Don’t worry, we’ve got great ideas and advice when it comes to planning a bridal shower for pregnant brides…

Throwing a Bridal Shower for a Pregnant Bride – Things to Consider:

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Pregnant bride wedding shower idea (photo by Siti Saad)

  • Ask the bride what she wants for the bridal shower. Most expectant brides are more focused on their babies than being a new bride and she may even want a bridal shower that would also be considered a baby shower as well. This is indeed one of the important things that you should not forget in planning a bridal shower for a pregnant bride. The bride may not like it if you lump together the baby shower with the bridal shower, so if you are hosting a pregnant bride’s wedding shower, make sure you have asked the bride’s opinion about it.
  • Make the bridal shower a dual celebration for becoming a bride and a mother. One of the better bridal shower ideas for pregnant brides is to consider the first half a bridal shower and the other half a baby shower. Again, this needs the bride’s acceptance.


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“Pregnant or not, a bridal shower doesn’t always have to be about bars and alcohol. Fun and memorable will make for a perfect time.”

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  • If the bride is planning a different baby shower, then you may want to concentrate fully on her being a bride and concentrate on giving her gifts for being a bride and not a mother. A baby shower will probably take care of that later on. Take a look at our bridal shower gift ideas.
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    Pregnant bride shower ideas (photo by Wendi Dunlap)

    When it comes to food, plan a bridal shower that will give all considerations to the pregnant bride. A shower for a pregnant bride should be something where you consider the food to be friendly to the smell and health of the bride. We have some great bridal shower finger food ideas you can check out.

  • Consider the time of day and location for your pregnant bride wedding shower. For sure you don’t want to put a pregnant bride at late night parties and in locations that pose danger to her safety and health.

So, if you already have the green light from the bride on having a bridal shower at the same time of a baby shower, then you can actually make the most out of it. Make some activities less tiring for the pregnant bride. You may still have the same activities  like the usual bridal shower but add a part of the shower that celebrates the bride as a mother.

Have you attended a bridal shower for a pregnant bride? Got any funny stories? We love hearing from you so drop us a few words.

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