Silk Bouquets for Weddings – Wedding Flowers of All Kinds and Colors

Bridal bouquets have become more and more costly thus cheap silk wedding bouquets have become a rising trend as a substitute. In fact, silk flower manufacturers have become more competitive by making sure they reproduce and replicate real flowers almost perfectly up to its finest detail.

I for one was skeptical about having artificial flowers for wedding bouquets but when I saw a sample of silk wedding flower bouquets, it actually changed my mind. I find it unbelievable that artificial flowers and bouquets these days even feel like real flowers and that they only differ hugely in the cost.

I paid a visit to a shop that makes silk flowers and I found a few good picks based on the color. I usually start by choosing a dominant color that will go with the theme and some other color that can go with it as an accent.

Black Silk Flowers for a Wedding?

Who wants something black on their wedding day? In these modern times, black is no longer a color of mourning. In fact, I was a little surprised to learn that my brother-in-law’s bride chose black and purple as their wedding color and they had to settle with just purple flowers and forget about finding black ones because, obviously, it will take them forever to find real black flowers ‘coz there are none. Maybe black silk roses are the answer for them?

Real black roses have particularly piqued the interest of many, as people are interested to know if such do exist, but it does not matter. If you want to flaunt black roses on your bridal bouquet, then get black silk flowers. I personally find black silk roses more convenient than dyeing your white roses and of course, they last longer than dyed ones.

Blue Silk Flowers for That Unusual Look

Like unusual black flowers, I also find blue ones in-demand. I wonder why so many brides just want something that is rare, hard-to-find and exotic for their weddings – probably because they want to stand out from the rest of the crowd and deviate from what’s usual.

Well, anyway it isn’t bad after all, but if you desperately want blue flowers for your wedding, I suggest you go for silk ones. No need for coloring them, no hassles on your part and of course, it will last longer than fresh ones.

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“For realistic blue flowers, go for silk hydrangeas!”

Make a Statement with Purple Silk Flowers

I personally like the blue-purple flower combination and if you are looking for a bridal bouquet that makes a statement, this combination is the way to go. I got some purple poinsettia, purple calla lily, purple orchids and purple peony silk flowers from my reliable silk flower vendor and I can honestly say, they can be a good addition to your silk flower bridal bouquet. You know what? Even purple roses can be possible with silk.

Traditional White Silk Flowers for an Elegant Wedding

Probably the most common type when it comes to bridal bouquets and wedding flowers are white flowers and from white roses to calla lilies to gerbera and daisies, you can find silk flowers that can perfectly substitute fresh ones. Often people assume white means a conservative wedding but I think it can be so traditional and elegant.

Become The Lady in Red with a Collection of Red Silk Flowers

For something red, the first thing that comes to my mind are roses but of course, aside from silk red roses that are perfect for any bouquet, I also find silk orchids, silk hydrangeas, daisies and even red baby’s breath can add color and accent to your wedding flowers. A small variety of red flowers for your wedding reception party would be a great complement to a classic red reception dress.

Holiday Wedding? Orange Silk Flowers Create a Festive Mood

Thinking of an orange theme for your wedding? I actually find orange a good color for weddings. I find the color vibrant for weddings and I just feel like the color sets a festive mood. Great for a Christmas wedding, I could clearly imagine orange flowers combined with yellow ones, added with some green foliage – ah, amazing combination!

And with silk flowers, you can actually make everything orange for your wedding!

Yes, you can indeed make everything possible with silk flowers and if you are a skeptical one like me when it comes to artificial silk flowers go ahead and check them out! It might just change your mind. Let us know what you think…

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12 Responses to Silk Bouquets for Weddings – Wedding Flowers of All Kinds and Colors

  1. lady guinevere says:

    Any ideas on what wedding flowers complement a turquoise theme for my wedding? I cant think of anything to go with the color.

  2. Sam says:

    @lady guinevere: Neutral colors like white can complement turquoise. Light yellow and light pink can also make them look good and neat. White, gray silver and orange can also complement your turquoise wedding color. You can even try a bolder color combination by choosing red, orange and deep purple. hope this helps and good luck.

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