The Worst Wedding Songs Ever: What Should Never be Played

wedding songs

Don't pick the worst wedding songs for your wedding (photo by Paperback Writer(Flickr))

Ever heard a song played at a wedding that just makes you want to pull the plug? Sometimes in the search for something unique, couples may end up having the worst wedding songs ever and that’s one thing that you don’t want. So what songs should never be played at weddings? Stay tuned and we’ll give you some sound advice…

Indeed, there are songs that even from the title alone, should never be played at weddings. Even if you love the Pussycat Dolls, you surely don’t want to listen to them telling you Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me!’ on your wedding day! One of the worst songs to play at a wedding indeed!

How about playing Pearl Jams’ ‘Can’t find a better man’ while you are dancing with your gorgeous groom? And then when it’s your husband’s turn, he’d let the DJ play Kanye West’s ‘Gold Digger’ or probably Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin?’. He might just want to add Lyle Lovett’s “I married her because she looks like you?” I can see wedding cakes turned upside down and plates flying outside the window perhaps or probably a groom spending the honeymoon at the nearby hospital alone! Don’t want violence here but of course, you have to think wisely in choosing your wedding songs. Songs like these are indeed worst songs for a wedding.

wedding songs

What are the worst wedding songs played? (photo by Kandisebrown(Flickr) )


Of course, I think nobody would also choose such crazy songs for a wedding. They probably are the world’s worst wedding songs, but my point is, there are songs that may be subtle but can be worst choices for a wedding song.

Here are a few that probably a handful of couples have mistakenly picked for their wedding.


I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU (Whitney Houston)

-       So what’s the problem with a wedding song that says ‘I will always love you?’ The song is amazing, the vocals can be electrifying if you get someone as good as Whitney Houston, but if you listen closely to the lyrics…

“….bittersweet memories, that is all I’m taking with me.

So, goodbye, please don’t cry. We both know, I ‘m not what you need…

Do you really want to say to each other that you will always love each other and then poof! You both go separate ways? Not the type of song you probably want to dance to with your groom on your wedding day!

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songs for weddings

Worst wedding lyrics (photo by Leon Brocard)

ONE (U2)

‘One love, one life….’ And the song goes on beautifully. This song has been one of the great songs that’s been around for some time and it has a great tune for your first dance as well. But have you realized that the song really is about breaking up and in contradiction to marriage? Listen closely and you’ll find out why. So next time you listen to this song and the next time you hear someone announce to you that they’ll be dancing to the song on their wedding reception – tell them to think twice and get to the bottom of the lyrics. That might change their mind. This may not be one of the worst wedding songs ever, but it is inappropriate for weddings.


Ahh! A great song to dance with someone! Probably in a romantic anniversary dinner but not in a wedding! How do you want to dance to a song that sings about throwing your clothes on the floor and he’s gonna do it too? Ridiculous and just the type of song you just don’t want to play at your wedding – not a chance!

Song choice

Be careful to avoid the worst wedding song selection. (photo by Cesar Pics)

OOPS I DID IT AGAIN (Britney Spears)

You did what? This is probably one good theme song for a second-time divorcee but for a wedding? Forget about dancing to Britney Spears for your creative first dance songs. Yes, the song is a great one to dance to but the least appropriate songs for weddings – or I say, not appropriate at all! In fact, can be one of the worst wedding songs if you insist on playing it on your big day just because you want to show off your Britney moves.

So the next time you are brainstorming for a good song for your wedding, make sure that you don’t just listen to it. Make sure you have understood the lyrics, make sure it is not a break up song and make sure that is it appropriate for formal events and gathering of people of all ages like weddings.

Got any funny stories? What songs did you choose for your wedding day? Comment and let us know.

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