Top 5 Unique and Unusual Honeymoons Around the World

horseback riding honeymoon

photo credit: Longhorndave(Flickr)

Looking for unique and unusual honeymoons around the world? If you are about to get married and you are looking for unique honeymoon ideas, you would surely want something that not too many couples have tried. Indeed, fun and unusual honeymoons have become more and more popular, especially among the younger generations and the adventurous couples. We’ve got the best unusual honeymoon destinations for you…

Indeed, the search for more unique and more unusual honeymoon destinations and even the most unusual honeymoon destination is rising and if you are one of those couples searching for unusual honeymoon spots, then here are a few ideas you will find useful for your honeymoon plans…

1. Try Honeymooning in an Ice hotel

If your wedding is around the time when ice hotels open up, then you can have one of the most unusual honeymoon vacation ideas to try! If you love the idea of snuggling together in your ice hotel room and enjoying other fun activities such as warming up in a sauna, playing an ice pipe organ or dog-sledding, then book up for a honeymoon package in ice hotels in Quebec Canada, in Sweden, in Alaska or in Finland!

2. Enjoy a Luxury Dubai Honeymoon


Dubai (photo by voso (Flickr))

Is dubai a honeymoon destination? You bet! If you want to explore the place of ultramodern shopping experience, the best of the luxury hotels and amazing man-made islands, then your best destination would be Dubai. Wondered if you can play tennis at the helipad of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel like Andre Agassi and Roger Federer did? Well, if not, you can at least have a good glimpse of the ocean and the man-made palm island on the rooftop of the hotel while having your honeymoon dinner.

3. Exotic Honeymooning in India

taj mahal india

Taj Mahal in India (photo by Cajetan Barretto)

A honeymoon in India; exotic locations are guaranteed! If you and your future spouse want to skip the usual Caribbean beach honeymoon and explore new worlds and culture instead, why not head to India for a honeymoon filled with adventures on hillsides, lakes, monasteries, vast flower gardens, temples and the magnificent view of the Himalayas! A Darjeeling honeymoon can take you to all these adventures, so why not book for one now? If you have more time, you can even fly to the neighboring Nepal and experience the world’s tallest mountain while on honeymoon! – probably one of the most unusual honeymoon locations, for sure!

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Sam at - Wedding Planner


“Unique and unusual honeymoons can be great fun. We went to India for our honeymoon and had the time of our lives.”

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4. Stay in the World’s Most Private Island Resorts in Fiji

turtle island, fiji

Turtle Island, Fiji (photo by Magaly Pazello)

If you want the most private island you can have for your honeymoon, then head to Turtle island in Fiji. The 500-acre island accommodates only 14 couples at a time at their 14 private beaches and that is like having your own paradise for your honeymoon! You can even rent the entire island for a week and that’s like having your own island with world class accommodations and service for a week!

5. Ride on a Camel’s Back in Egypt

pyramids of egypt

Exotic honeymoon in Egypt (photo by Sepehr Ehsani)

Egypt is one of those fun honeymoon destinations. Just imagine – Pyramids, deserts, tombs, temples, belly dancing, antiques and camel rides! If you love to explore this new experience with your most beloved, then Egypt can offer you one of the most exotic honeymoon and an interesting and unusual honeymoon experience you can have. In fact, the place has become a great choice when it comes to unique honeymoon destinations and you can find out why. If you are thinking of an all-desert honeymoon, then you are wrong. The Red Sea coast can be a great place to relax after your honeymoon adventures and it has good weather throughout the year!

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Indeed, there’s always many unusual honeymoon vacations that pop into your head when planning for fun honeymoon vacations and sometimes you just have to forget about it because you don’t have the idea where to go. But of course, if you are thinking of the most unusual honeymoon ideas, it is still important to think about your safety as newlyweds and of course, it should be something that is more realistic and attainable, so why not explore the choices above?

How about an unusual honeymoon? Got any interesting stories to share? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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