Unique Bridal Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas

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If you are the bridesmaid, the maid of honor or family of the bride or groom who is planning a bridal shower or wedding shower, it helps to have a theme in mind to make it easier for you to organize the event. There are a lot of wedding shower themes and ideas that you can start with and choosing one can make everything easier for you.

The first thing to do is decide on your theme, it can be normal or even crazy – it really doesn’t matter, just pick a theme you like and have fun.

Once you have chosen your theme, you can arrange the food, music, decorations, the gifts, and the activities, all around your chosen theme. Indeed, that makes the party easier to organize than just having a merry mix-up of ideas from here and there.

We’ve compiled a list of possible wedding shower themes, from unique shower ideas for couples to wedding shower ideas on a budget – you can choose whatever is easy for you to organize and something easy on your pocket as well.  When hosting a bridal shower, it’s a good idea to have a gift registry. Also, if some gifts are expensive then people can share the cost. For little gifts, a bridal shower wishing well is great for any theme.

Remember to use your imagination, you can have your party anywhere, at anytime and choose the theme that suits you. Decorate the venue with things related to your theme and pick music, food and games that also fits the theme.

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Check out these great bridal shower themes for spring.

“Once you have chosen your theme, you can arrange everything else around it. It makes preparation a lot easier.”

Here are bridal shower themes and ideas you can pick from.

  • Sports themed wedding shower theme – Bowling, golf, skiing or volleyball, this wedding shower theme can be perfect for sports-minded couples and you don’t have to worry about wedding shower games!
  • Beauty and Spa wedding shower theme – A spa session and even manicure and pedicure can be fun for all the ladies in the house!
  • Wine or cheese tasting theme- A wine or cheese guessing game can be a fun activity for this theme.

    Beauty/Spa themed bridal shower (photo by D. Sarah Pruitt)

  • Arts and Crafts theme – Everyone makes something – scrapbooking is one good idea for this theme.
  • Camping party theme – Add rock climbing to your activity and this certainly will be a lot of fun.
  • Garden-themed bridal showers - Play guess the flower. If it’s not cold then you can plant seeds outside.
  • Tea party shower theme – This is good if you are on a budget, as this may not require so much food or preparation.
  • Luau/Hawaiian themed wedding shower – Bring out those grass skirts and have a feast of tropical fruits and dance to honor the bride.
  • Dance wedding shower - Everyone picks a favorite song and dances the night away.
  • Bed and Breakfast wedding shower - Everyone brings gifts for the bedroom or the kitchen. 
  • Bride’s favorite color theme – If the bride loves yellow, then throw a wedding shower which is all about yellow.
  • Casino party theme  - If a game of poker is for you then choose this theme.
  • Chocoholic party theme – Chocolate it is! Make it a party of chocolates from all over the world!
  • Cocktail party theme – Have a sophisticated cocktail party.  Could be an expensive choice?
  • Dessert party – One of the best bridal shower ideas if you want something not too expensive. You just have desserts for the food and forget about preparing a big meal.
  • Vintage look theme – Go retro with vintage attires!
  • Honeymoon theme – One of the good wedding shower ideas for couples. Of course, they’ll be going on a honeymoon and your gifts will be useful for them.
  • Ice cream party theme - Everyone brings a different flavor of ice cream.
  • Karaoke party theme - It’s all about singing along to your favorite song.
  • Organic party theme - Choose to be healthy! Opt for all organic food for this wedding shower theme.
  • Pajama party theme - Everyone dresses up in night clothes and has a pillow fight.
  • Princess theme - You could dress-up like a Disney princess.
  • Christmas theme – Especially for weddings around the holiday season, let the bride have a merry Christmas in advance!
  • Pink & Gold Candy Buffet

    Candy Table for a candy themed bridal shower (photo by AJanega (Flickr))

    Rock and roll party theme - If you like loud music then this theme is for you.

  • Lingerie party theme - Guests can bring lingerie gifts for the bride-to-be.
  • Pizza party theme - Order your favorite pizza. Play “make a pizza” game.
  • Shoe party theme - Little shoe chocolates, guess the shoe, everything is shoe related!
  • Candy themed bridal shower- Got a sweet tooth? Everyone brings candies and has a fun time.
  • Alphabet wedding shower theme - Assign a letter to each guest and ask them to bring a gift that starts with that letter! That would be fun for a guessing game as well.
  • Destination wedding shower theme – Travel somewhere for the bridal shower or you can ask each guest to bring a gift based on a place assigned to her. Another expensive shower idea.
  • Hollywood party theme – Watch a movie, feeling adventurous? Dress up as your favorite movie star.


You’ll need games for your bridal shower, we’ve got some fun and simple free bridal shower games and activities you can use.

There are many unique bridal shower ideas and bridal shower themes for a pre-wedding party. You just have to consider the cost and the preparation to organize such an event. As wedding showers for both the bride and groom are now a rising trend, keep in mind couples wedding shower themes for the event and make sure they are suitable for everyone at the party.

Organizing a bridal shower and don’t know where to start? our bridal shower to do list and quick planning guide is a must read for you.

What theme would you choose for your bridal shower? Got a unique idea? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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6 Responses to Unique Bridal Wedding Shower Themes and Ideas

  1. Jo Anne_R says:

    I’m planning a bridal shower with my sister and she wants a lingerie-kitchen-bath kinda wedding shower theme. How can you incorporate lingerie and bath into one bridal shower?

  2. Sam says:

    You can have 2 showers for the 2 themes or you can leave the lingerie part for your bachelorette’s party. If you are only having the shower, then perhaps a “Bed and Breakfast” theme will work where guests can bring gifts for the bedroom and the kitchen. A “Body and Bath” theme may also be another choice.

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