Wedding Reception Flowers Ideas and Advice to Impress Your Guests

wedding reception flowersThe flowers you use at your wedding reception will help create the theme and style of your wedding. Consider your wedding budget, your top table and table centerpieces, your wedding cake and finally, the room decorations.

When it comes to your wedding reception flowers – attractive flower arrangements will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Read on for wedding reception flowers ideas and advice guaranteed to help you…

The Cost of Flowers for Your Wedding Reception

Whether your wedding is big or small, how much you pay will depend on what kind of flowers you want, how many you want and the preparations you make for your wedding reception. If you want to save money then you can buy your flowers wholesale or in bulk and make the bouquets yourself using material from a craft shop. If your time is limited then buying fake flowers, such as ones made from silk is also another option. Avoid buying out of season flowers because they are expensive. Stay away from flower shops, instead try places like Costco or Wal-Mart. The best advice for controlling the cost of your wedding reception flowers is to plan and order them well in advance.

Choosing Flowers for Your Top Table

The top table, all eyes will be on you so you want to have some nice beautiful flowers here. Make sure your top table flowers are big enough to be seen by everyone, especially if the reception room is big. Your top table flowers should be long and low, your guests will be able to see your beautiful flowers and the happy couple. If your top table is long then you can add more arrangements or run a garland of flowers across the table, a row of roses or something like that.

Read how foam flowers for weddings are a great choice when it comes to receptions and parties.

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“Think about the wedding theme and what style you want as you think about ideas for your wedding reception flowers.”


Find out if silk wedding flowers are good substitutes for real flowers.

Flowers for Your Table Centerpieces

wedding table flowersFlowers for your wedding reception table centerpieces are important, your guests will be sitting at these tables. The guest table centerpiece will be part of your wedding reception theme, you could go for a simple design, like a single rose or a sophisticated arrangement. Your guests might be sitting for a long time so the table flowers shouldn’t be obstructive. Low or thin arrangements are the best.

What Flowers for Your Wedding Cake?

So are you going to use real flowers or fake, edible flowers? Whatever you choose, the flowers should compliment your wedding cake and the colors should be coordinated. If possible, show your wedding florist a picture of the cake and tell them what kind of look you want. If you are using real flowers then make sure they are not poisonous.

Flowers to decorate your flowers for wedding cakeReception Room

To complete the flowers for Your wedding reception, you should think about decorations for the room. There are typically 2 choices, a few arrangements of large, big flowers or lots of small flowers.

If you are planning your wedding on a budget then using a few large arrangements could work out cheaper. Usually flowers are placed near the entrance and along the walls.

Beautiful Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

So whatever ideas you have for your wedding reception flowers, planning is important. Think about the theme and style you want, how much you want to spend, and think about the guests you are inviting. With just a few ideas you can transform your wedding reception into the theme of your dreams. Your guests will love it and really enjoy your wedding.

Do you want to save money on your wedding flowers? What about flowers for your top table? How about the cake, real or fake flowers? Comment and let us know.

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  1. Eventacular Texas San Antonio says:

    Your article is very good for saving the bride money on her flowers. My suggestion is that you can’t have too many candles at a wedding, so here is a tip that I mention to the bride. Take a cylinder vase and put some glass pebbles in the bottom, put a single stem off floral in the vase, fill it with water and add a floating candle. This serves 2 purposes: the floral on the table and the candle. This also looks good if you group it in three and have different heights as the centerpiece, but one will do too.

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