Wedding Shower Invitation Wording – Tips and Ideas

Even with wedding showers, it helps a lot to properly learn wedding shower wording for invitations so that guests will know what to expect and you, as the host, will also know how to make the wedding shower a success.

Of course, in events such as weddings, proper etiquette is involved and although events like this are more governed by traditions and old practices, there are also practicality and proper etiquette involved, even in these modern days. I have come across some wedding shower invitation wordings that are awkward and some may even have something offensive and indeed, it can be a disaster to a supposedly wonderful and memorable event.

Couples Wedding Shower Invitations Wording – The Basics

If you don’t want to make a disaster when wording your wedding shower invites, follow the basics. I believe that you can’t go wrong by following the basic rules of wording for your wedding invitations – even with the bridal or wedding shower. You may find the usual wordings boring and too common but I say, if you are trying too hard to have something unique written on your invitation card and it ended up offensive, it can truly ruin your event.

The basics when it comes to shower invitations wording and any other wedding invitations include the name of the bride and groom, the date, location and time as well as the theme or dress code if there is any and RSVP for your attendance. Even with bridal showers, which are exclusively only for the ladies, you still have to indicate the name of the groom in case the invitee is a relative or family of the groom who still doesn’t know you.

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“I think that even with simple wording, you can still make an impressive invitation for as long as it’s complete.”

Wedding Shower Wording for Fun Wedding Showers

However, if you are the type who wants to stand out from the crowd and be unique in any way, then you can make fun wedding shower invitation wording. Wedding or bridal showers are fun parties and sending out fun invitations can get the ball rolling for making the event great for the bride or the happy couple.

I personally like wedding showers that tell a fun story about the couple or a hint of what’s going to happen at the party. I also find verses and personalized love poems a good way to make fun and exciting invites. You don’t have to sound too formal or too stiff with the wedding shower invitation. For as long as it’s complete and understandable, then you can always be creative with your invites.

Wedding Shower Invites Wording for Formal Parties

Of course, you can also sound formal for a wedding invitation and this is still acceptable. Depending on your personality or the personalities of the groom and bride-to-be. Also, the age range and preference of the couples to be married and your preference as the host of the party as well should be considered, you can of course choose to go for the formal invitation if you are having a formal party.

Wording for Couples Wedding Shower – Learn Etiquette

As I have mentioned earlier, there are certain things that can generally offend other people and you surely would not want to include them in your wedding shower invitation text. If you want to host a pre-wedding party that is exclusively for adults, then indicate it in your wedding shower invite.

Aside from the wording of your wedding shower invites, you also have to follow one of the most important rules when sending out invitations for wedding showers – make sure your guests are those who are invited to the wedding. That reminds me,  my friend made the mistake of inviting too many people to her wedding shower and the whole night turned into chaos! Did you have any bloopers with your wedding shower invitations? Share it with us!

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