Wedding Suits for Men – Make Your Man Look Extra Hot

Modern Suit Signature Collection Italian Fit Mens Suit Merino WoolAre you concerned and preoccupied on what you want your groom to wear for your wedding? Most often, we want something unique, or something that reflects our man’s personality. Choices can indeed be tricky.

If you are looking for the best wedding suits for men, here are some ideas and tips that I have gathered when I was trying to find the best attire for my man for our big day. You may also find them useful for your wedding. Dreaming of a tropical wedding on the beach?

Beach Wedding Suits for Men who
Like Having Fun



When it comes to beach weddings, you can find unique yet cheap wedding suits for men.

Tailored linen suits are among the best choices as they are comfortable and more formal, but for something more fun, informal and less expensive, I personally like Hawaiian shirts in which you can choose from those colorful flowery designs to complement your motif and wedding theme. Cuban shirts or Guayaberas are also great choices especially if you want something a little less fancy. But of course, if you choose these unique yet cheap wedding suits, make an extra effort not to be overshadowed by your guest’s attire.

White Wedding Suits for Men with Style

Bridal gowns are almost always white, but how about having a white wedding suit for the groom? I always think an all-white suit can make a clean, elegant look but sometimes there are rules that you need to follow to make a white suit great for a groom.

Number one on my no-no list when it comes to grooms wearing white for weddings is to avoid wearing it if the bride’s gown is ivory or off-white. This would totally make your bride’s dress look awful when you’re together. Unless of course, if you plan not to go near the bride throughout the ceremony. Just kidding.
Although they say that you can wear white as a wedding guest, I personally think you have to avoid the all-white attire at all cost. You may end up mistaken as the groom!

Indian Wedding Suits for Men who Want to Look Unique

Indian wedding suits are particularly great choices for something unique. A long coat called a Sherwani is often a good choice for those who want to opt for unique wedding suits for men. They are often adorned with intricate embroidery and patterns which can make your groom look more regal and majestic.

You can also choose something that is a fusion of the traditional Indian suit and a modern style, especially if you are concerned of not being able to use it again.

Sam at - Wedding Planner

What does black tie mean? Find out more.

“Finding cheap wedding suits for men may be a little tricky and costly but a little resourcefulness can make all the difference.”

If you’re looking for more mens beach wedding suits then we’ve got advice on destination wedding mens attire you should check out.

Executive Italian Linen Mens Suit Modern Two Button 2pc Hand Tailored Summer Suit Black

Mens wedding suit Linen Mens Suit

Comfortable Summer Wedding Suits for Men

Anyway, cotton and linen suits are now a growing trend for summer weddings. Depending also on the venue and theme of the event, you can forget about being too formal. Sometimes, I like to throw in some sleek colored or bold-patterned shirt into my husband’s wedding attire if he’s attending a summer wedding party –especially if it is not a church wedding and it can indeed be something fashionable and modern.

The first thing I would always want to emphasize when it comes to mens suits for weddings and a summer wedding is to choose something that is comfortable and would not make the groom sweaty and icky throughout the ceremony. Remember, there are a lot of hugs and kisses during the ceremony and you would not want a groom that’s all sweaty throughout the day. Although I know some of you like sweaty men, that’s a topic for a different story!

Renting a Men’s Wedding Suit Could be a Cheap Option

Finding cheap wedding suits for men may be a little tricky and costly but do you really need to buy a suit? Renting is one option you can try if you want something cheap. Rental shops abound when it comes to wedding attires.

Based on my experience, you can still find sleek, modern and elegant wedding suits to make your man look good on your wedding day, without having to pay a steep price for it. A little resourcefulness can make all the difference.

Do you think renting a wedding suit is the way to go? How about an Indian wedding? Comment, tweet and let us know…

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5 Responses to Wedding Suits for Men – Make Your Man Look Extra Hot

  1. CatherineP says:

    any tips on how to make my groom look taller than me? we are about the same height but he’s worried i might tower over him on our wedding day. thanks!

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Catherine P, go for horizontal stripes or textures (if possible) as this can make the illusion of being tall. Let him wear black and of course, make sure you choose a footwear that can add a few inches to his height. Also, opt for a half-updo yourself so you won’t be adding a few inches to your height and don’t go for very high heels. These are just a few practical tips you can do. Good luck.

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