What Does Black Tie Mean? What To Wear To Black Tie Weddings

What to Wear to Black Tie Weddings

What does black tie mean for men?

Maybe you have just received an invitation to a wedding with dress code that is strictly black tie? You might be thinking about what to wear to a black tie wedding. So, what does black tie mean and what to wear to black tie weddings? Boy or girl – we give you the answers and some essential advice…

What does black tie on a wedding invite mean? If you see the words Black tie only or black tie required” on a wedding invitation, then you know it is strictly a formal occasion. As per wedding attire etiquette, you should come to the event in the dress code indicated, so try to understand what is required. Yes, you may know that black tie means formal, but getting into the smaller details is also important.

What Does Black Tie Mean Exactly?

So what really does a black tie dress code mean? When the dress code says black tie, or black tie dinner or black tie wedding, it means you are going to a formal party and you have to understand there are requirements and standards as to how to dress formally for the event.

  • For men, when black tie is mentioned, it means traditional tuxedo with all its accessories.
  • For women, it means long formal dress, preferably a long evening gown – a conservative cocktail dress can be acceptable these days.

What Does Black Tie Optional Actually Mean?

  • For Men, this means a dinner jacket or tuxedo is optional and you can go with a dark suit, or something conservative instead. Optional certainly doesn’t mean you can turn up in jeans and t-shirt!
  • For Women, optional means you can go with either a full-length formal gown or a cocktail dress – below the knees of course. If your date is going to wear a tuxedo then a gown is more appropriate.

What to Wear To A Black Tie Wedding: For Men

      So what is appropriate to wear to a black tie wedding for men?

One of the true classics is a black jacket with one button and matching classic trousers, a white formal shirt and a black bow or long tie. A formal waistcoat or cummerbund is also worn as waist coverings. Black socks and black formal shoes should go perfectly with this attire. Although a black tuxedo is the classic color, gray is acceptable as well.

A cravat is one option for semi-formal events, learn how to tie a cravat for a wedding.

Does black tie mean black tie? Well, I was at a formal black tie wedding a couple of weeks ago, most of the men were wearing a black tux but one of the guys, a close friend of the groom, had a tuxedo that was midnight blue – it looked pretty stylish and I think he pulled it off well; all the bridesmaids wanted to have their photo taken with him.

Smokin’ hot in your tux, you want some good photos – find out how to choose a wedding photographer.

Sam at weddingwhoop.com - Wedding Planner

“The decision of what to wear to a formal black tie wedding – There are traditions to follow but you can still be flexible with your outfit.”

For hair, a good choice would be a French roll hairstyle for wedding events that are black tie.

What To Wear To A Black Tie Wedding: For Women

      How about the ladies, what kind of dress to wear to a black tie wedding? For women,

black tie dress is usually a long dress – traditionally your evening gown, although cocktail dresses are still acceptable for formal parties like a black tie wedding. Depending on your age and the length that fits you best, you can actually choose a long floor-length dress or a short dress, provided it is not too short of course.

You can pair it with pumps or evening sandals and some jewelry, like sparkly ear-rings or simple button earrings. A bracelet and a simple necklace is also a good choice. Although black is a popular color for formal events and with black tie weddings, you can however choose to go for midnight blue, violet or other dark colors, depending on what matches your complexion.

Indeed, finding what to wear to black tie weddings can be challenging for men and women who are invited to an event, especially one that requires ‘strictly black tie’ but of course, these days more weddings are opting for ‘black tie optional’ dress code because finding something suitable when it comes to what to wear to a black tie optional wedding gives more choices for wedding guests.

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It is always important that you follow the dress code for the event to avoid being out of place and to respect the people who invited you as well.

Have you been to a black tie wedding? Got any funny stories? Comment, tweet, let us know..

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  1. roblions says:

    what does formal attire mean for a wedding? is it the same as a black tie wedding?

  2. Joy says:

    Hi Roblions Yes, basically the same, you should wear a tuxedo or a conservative suit. The color doesn’t have to be black, you could go with gray or dark blue.

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