What Makes Side Pony Hairstyles For Weddings So Popular?

Why are so many women choosing side pony hairstyles for weddings? This is one style that just does not go out of season.

Many simple, yet elegant hairstyles these days are side pony hairstyles, This style is still popular with many women and ideal for weddings.

What is So Good About Side Pony-Tail Hairstyles?

Every womSide Pony Hairstyles For Weddings an knows the advantage of ponytails for a clean look and in fact, it is one hairstyle that can save a woman’s look – especially if you had a bad hair day and you just can’t control that frizzy hair.

  • Easy to do – One of the good things about ponytail hairstyles – whether they are side ponytails or chic ones, is that they are easy to do. You can gather your hair back and pull it on the side you want your hair to fall, clip it with a barrette or tie it with a scrunchie and you got a good clean look for your wedding attire. You can also pull it up a little higher before you tie it with a scrunchie and you get another ponytail hairstyle.
  • side pony hairstyle

    Side pony hairstyle (photo by Kristy Davies)

    It saves you from a bad hair day. Indeed, I admit, and most women would admit that not all times do they have great hair that they can wear loose all the time. Especially if you are in a hurry or you are simply having a nightmare hair day, then you can grab a scrunchie and keep your hair off your face. In fact, it is one hairstyle that can make your face look clean.

  • Wear it to the gym or to a wedding.  Yes, gym sessions can be tiring and sweaty – for sure you don’t want strands of hair sticking to your sweaty face. With a barrette or scrunchie at hand, a ponytail can help save your day. And whether you are at the gym or you are about to don a beautiful dress for a wedding party, a simple ponytail can be transformed into a chic and stylish one.

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“For wedding hairstyles side pony style may look simple but it can turn into something elegant and chic.”

How to Do a Side Ponytail Hairstyle..

side ponytail hairstyle

side ponytail hairstyle (photo by Courtney Carmody)

1. Get your curling iron and create good waves. Especially if you want a more elegant look to your ponytail, making big waves with a curling iron and some styling spray can result in a better looking ponytail that can match your stylish wedding outfit.

2. Comb your hair towards the side you want it to be tied. Yes, you can even use your fingers to comb your hair into a neat ponytail but make sure it still ends up neat and clean.

3. Tie with a scrunchie or clip with a barrette to hold your hair in place. Let the ponytail fall loosely on one side. You can even use about an inch-thick of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap it around your ponytail to hide the scrunchie or add a more elegant finish.

The hairstyle may look simple but it can turn into something elegant for weddings. Of course, don’t forget to enhance your big curls and waves for cute side pony hairstyles.

Take a look at some more great wedding hairstyles for guests.

What kind of hairstyle would you go for at a wedding? What’s your favorite style, up or down? Formal or casual? Comment, tweet, let us know….

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3 Responses to What Makes Side Pony Hairstyles For Weddings So Popular?

  1. kline says:

    what are good hairstyles for a bride and her bridesmaids? I am looking for hairstyle suggestions for a bride and her bridesmaids. the bride’s hair is medium length and the maid of honor’s is short and spiky. One bridesmaid also has long hair. of course, i want the bride’s hairstyle to be something different and not like the rest of the bridesmaids.

  2. Sam says:

    Hi Kline. The French twist/french roll is a good hair-updo for the bride. You can go for the ‘clean’ version or you can also do the ‘messy’ look version – depending on the personality of the bride. Another popular hairstyle for the bride is to bring the hair in an updo but with curls gathered at the back of the head. For bridesmaids, you can always opt for side ponytails, half-updo or a simple bun that won’t compete with the bride’s. Browse through our wedding hair features at http://weddingwhoop.com/category/wedding-hair-beauty/ and you will get ideas on how to do them. Good luck!

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