What To Do To Change Your Name After Marriage

changing your name after marriageFor women, one thing that can change after marriage is their last name. Changing last name after marriage can be optional though, but if you decide to change it, you may want to learn how and what to do to change your name after marriage.

When it comes to name changes after marriage, some women may have some second thoughts of changing their name, especially those who have established their business, their profession and their careers with their last name. If you are a medical doctor and you have been known by your current last name, then it would be advantageous for you to keep your current name. But of course, it is all about choice.

You have options and if you want to go ahead and change your name like most women do, you may be thinking about the process and how to change your name after you get married.

Remember that the guidelines and rules on how to change your name when you get married may be different in different locations but the process is generally the same.

Here is a simple name change checklist for changing your name after getting married:

Signing the marriage license (photo by Brian Skahan)

-       Get copies of your marriage license. For changing your name when you get married, certified copies of the marriage license are one the most important documents you will use. Remember you need certified copies and not just photocopies of the license. Get it from the agency that filed your marriage license. You will need one copy of this certified marriage license for the Social Security Administration.

-       Go to the Social Security Administration Office. For changing name on social security card after marriage, the social security needs your updated name and your ID number to make sure everything will match for future reference. It is not wise to just change your name and not update your records with the Social Security office because you will eventually have a mismatched ID number and name and this may create problems in the future.

-       Changing Social Security Card after marriage - With an update on your name, you will then be given a new SS ID card. Once you get your records updated with the Social Security Office, the Internal Revenue Service will also be updated with your new name.

-       Update your driver’s license and get a new one. For sure, you want an updated driver’s license once you get married and decide to have a name change after marriage. Go to the Department of Motor Vehicles in your area and check the detailed process of getting an updated driver’s license. Always remember to bring your marriage certificate. This is the most important piece of document that will be your proof of your right to name change.

-       Update your other records at different agencies. You may start with the place of your employment. Get an updated ID for the company, for banks, for your credit card accounts as well as school records. You may also need to update your personal records with your school, in case you are still studying. Other agencies that may need updating are your utility companies, cellphone company, student loans, club membership, your doctor and lawyer records as well as your passport. They may differ in their requirements but one thing they will always ask from you is the marriage license, thus always have a certified copy readily available once applying for name change.

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“When thinking about how to change your name after marriage , consider the  cost to change your name. It might be a good idea to invest in a bridal name changing kit.”

Also, after changing your last name after marriage, the post office, alumni associations, your will, voter registration as well as financial institutions will need your updated name, make the change to make everything consistent. Some may only need you to call them and ask for a copy of the marriage certificate, then you already have an updated account.

Once you have changed your name, you can use wedding announcements to tell family and friends about your change of name after marriage.

There are pros and cons in changing your last name after you get married. Most women find it advantageous to make everything consistent, especially if you are going to have kids. Having the same surname can make transactions and paperwork easy and uncomplicated too. To help you in what to do with your name change, you can get a bride name change kit, so you won’t waste time as well.

How did you go about changing your name after your marriage? Got any interesting stories? Comment, tweet, let us know…

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  1. jadefuntime says:

    do you know how to change your name when married overseas? I’m currently living in Hong Kong, do I have to go to my local embassy?

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