What To Wear To Bridal Showers – Advice for Your Party Attire

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Invited to a bridal shower or wedding shower? You may be thinking about bridal shower outfits and what to wear to bridal showers. Maybe it’s your party and you’re asking yourself, what should I wear to my bridal shower?

Whatever the event, whether host or guest, you need to know what to wear and what is appropriate. Don’t worry, we’ve got some essential advice guaranteed to help you choose your party attire…

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If you are invited to a bridal shower or wedding shower, and you are looking for bridal shower attire that is appropriate for the event, you first have to know if the party will be held in the daytime or at night – and whether it will be held at a restaurant, at the beach, or a friend’s house, etc.. Of course, no matter where the event is held, you should always think about the bridal shower dress code.

What Should I Wear to a Bridal Shower?

A question I often get asked is what to wear to my bridal shower? Well, whether you are the host, or a guest – one thing that can give you a hint on how to dress for a bridal shower is the theme of the shower. Bridal showers often have a theme and usually, attendees are required to dress according.

If it’s a pink bridal shower then wear something pink. If you are having a destination wedding in the Caribbean and the bridal party is a ‘tropical beach party’ themed wedding shower, then you could choose to go for sundresses as your bridal shower attire or a blouse with flowing fabric and regular blue jeans. Garden themed showers may call for a floral printed dress. Ultimately, you have to think about the theme when deciding your bridal shower wear.

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“When thinking about what to wear to a bridal shower, consider the bridal shower theme.”

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Formal and Semi-Formal Wear for Bridal Showers

French Connection Women's Dragon Queen Halter DressFor bridal showers at exclusive restaurants and high star hotels, you may want to go for a more formal bridal shower outfit – such as cocktail attire, depending also on what the hosts are suggesting for the dress code. Black dresses are often good choices when it comes to formal wear. Dress suits may also be appropriate for this type of event.

So what can you do for less formal occasions? For semi-formal wear, you may go for cocktail dresses that are a little more fun and a bit lighter than something formal. A ruffled blouse and a good skirt would be ideal. If you are thinking about bridal shower dresses for showers held in restaurants, something classy but simple can also be a good choice – chiffon or a nice flowing dress.

What to Wear to a Wedding Shower in the Evening?

For an outfit to wear to a bridal shower or wedding shower that is held in the evening, a simple maxi dress could be all you need. A lightweight flowing dress can also be an excellent choice of dress for bridal showers in the evening or night.

Indeed, there are a few things to think about when it comes to choosing appropriate attire for a bridal shower or wedding shower. Keep in mind that it’s not just about looking good with your bridal shower getup but also wearing something right for the event.

What will you wear for your bridal shower? Got any unique outfits? Comment, tweet and let us know…

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